Drain field safe household cleaners

As a biologist, you know that everything in this world is connected. This is why an ecosystem exists in every corner of the planet. One life always affects another. When you worked on forests and oceans, you have always discovered that when a certain group of organisms were disturbed, an imbalance is created. When their numbers increased or decreased, this causes chaos in the ecosystem. Now that you have a home of your own, you now have an ecosystem of your own. Your household and your property comprise this local ecosystem. Drain field household cleaners are something you should seriously consider.

Your septic system is a large part of your ecosystem. This is the wastewater treatment system that helps your family have a safe and healthy environment. Through the septic system, the toxins of the wastewater will be filtered out if the effluent before it is returned to the surrounding living environment. This is the reason why the septic system is a very important component of a home or establishment. Drain field safe household cleaners are a must to maintain a septic safe septic system.

The septic system is composed of the septic tank and the drain field. The septic tank is the vessel or containment of the wastewater that comes fresh out of your household. In this tank, three layers are formed. The scum layer is the topmost layer that contains the lightweight solid waste products. The effluent is the middle layer that is left clear of any solid waste as it enters the drain field. The sludge layer is the bottom layer where the solid particles in the wastewater settle. These solid particles are broken down by the anaerobic bacteria. The drain field is where the pre-treated effluent is dispersed to be filtered and purified. Here, the aerobic bacteria regulate the bio-mat that filters the effluent so that the pathogens and the contaminants will be stripped off it before it is used again in the environment.

The drain field is very vital in making sure that your household remains disease-free even if you produce and harbor wastewater within your property. You should make sure that the drain field receives the best possible care that you could provide. Like the septic tank, the drain field should also be maintained well by monthly treatment practices. You have already talked to you septic expert about the scheduled maintenance that you should observe. Of course a certain budget should be prepared and set aside for this endeavor if you want to have a smooth running system and a healthy environment. If the drain field malfunctions or fails, there will be wastewater backups into your home and onto your property. This is not going to be a very healthy consequence because of the hazardous sewage and toxic gases that will invade your property. You and your family would suffer greatly from any failure to fulfill your duty as a homeowner.

Your drain field is supposed to distribute the treated effluent into the surrounding environment. This is the final phase of your persona wastewater treatment facility. If something goes wrong in the septic tank, the drain field will surely be affected. This could be avoided by using drain field safe household cleaners. Giving much consideration to your drain field starts inside your home. You should see to it that you use drain field safe household cleaners. You should use your label-reading habit in choosing the best one for your home. Decades ago, homeowners used natural household cleaners that are absolutely safe for your drain field. Some such natural household cleaners are vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. Vinegar and lemon juice are both acids that could effectively remove stains and dirt on surfaces and clothes. Baking soda could also get rid of tough surface stains aside from its being a valuable baking ingredient. It could also be mixed with vinegar to clean drains before rinsing them with hot water.

With drain field safe household cleaners, you can be assured that your drain field and overall septic system will function smoothly for decades. This and the other necessary measures should be done for you to maintain a safe and healthy living ecosystem within your premises.

Septic tank safe household cleaners

This article discussed the many septic tank safe household cleaners on the market today. The typical homeowner is a very prudent consumer. He or she always makes sure that every purchase is a real benefit to everyone and everything in the house. The furniture should last almost a lifetime; the food should be nutritious and filling; the clothes should be stylish, practical, and resilient; the utilities should be well spent; and the car should serve almost every purpose. One of the things that homeowners also focus on is their septic tank.

As you know, the septic tank is a very valuable component of the septic system. This is the first vessel where the wastewater is collected from the home. In it, three layers are formed—the scum, the effluent, and the sludge. The scum is the layer of light weight solid materials found on the surface. The effluent is the clear middle liquid layer that doesn’t have any solid materials. The sludge is the bottom layer where the solid waste products settle and where the anaerobic bacteria take action and break them down.

It is the septic tank that gains all the hype because this is the primary treatment area of the wastewater. When something goes wrong in this component, then the drain field will perish. As a homeowner yourself, you should know how valuable it is to have a working septic tank. The three layers should be independent of one another and should not get mixed together. If the effluent retains the solid waste when it enters the drain field, then it will be blocked and the entire system will eventually malfunction and fail. One of the best things that you can do to ensure the good condition of your septic tank is to seek out septic tank safe household cleaners.

In this day and age, it seems to be very confusing to maintain your focus of the best possible household cleaners that are in the market today. With all the promos, discounts, and other propaganda posted, you often veer away from what you really need. Making that perilous journey through the grocery aisles can be rewarding if you really try your best to find the best. One thing that you have to keep in mind is read the labels carefully. Even if they are discounted or even if they come with a free salad bowl, read what they have to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for the septic system safe or bacteria-friendly solutions in those shelves. Ask the assistance of the clerks that you see around to make sure that you get your hands on what you want. The following are some of the septic tank safe household cleaners that you may find in the grocery, septic store, or even your own pantry:

1. Lemon juice
This is an all-natural cleaner that is acidic but gentle on the septic tank. This also leaves a summer, refreshing smell on anything that you use it with.

2. Baking soda
You can combine baking soda with vinegar. Just pour them into the drain and wait a few minutes before pouring the hot water. You could also use this to clean your tiles, sinks, stove tops, and bathtubs as well. It is easy to do this when you make a paste out of it, apply it on the surface you want to clean, and then rinse it thoroughly with water.

3. Pumice stone
This is effective in cleaning a the septic tank without harming the bacterial population.

4. Earthstone
Ground glass is the precursor of this cleaner. Purchasing a cleaner like Earthstone helps in recycling glass.

5. Vinegar
You can find vinegar in your pantry or spice rack at home. It has long been used a natural household cleaner that also has acidic properties. Just mix it with water in a spray bottle and apply on anything that you want to clean. But the smell can be off putting so add essential oils such as eucalyptus, lemon, and tea tree. The essential oils also improve the vinegar’s cleaning property.

These are only some of the septic tank safe household cleaners that you can use. Feel free to search for more of them and consult your septic expert about them.