Shopping mall grease trap cleaner

Image of a shopping mall grease trap cleaner.This article will cover shopping mall grease trap cleaner. Every entrepreneur is aware of the current trends. Businessmen look into what attracts consumers on a daily basis so that they could provide the demanded wants or needs. If they give what their customers are looking for, then business is going to be good for a very long time.

Shopping malls are business establishments. When people wanted a place where they can do their errands and have fun at the same time, the shopping mall was born. Business owners invested in what is now called as the melting pot of every genre imaginable. The shopping mall is a place where people could just go and hang out alone or with people they know. They could meet up here or window shop. But the most favorite activity in the mall is eating.

Food establishments fill up the shopping mall and in return, people flock all over them. Even small food stalls get crowded. This is because of the fact that Americans love to eat whether they shop or not. But as more and more food establishments occupy the shopping mall, the United States continues to face a worsening FOG (fats, oils, grease) problem. FOG overflow is one of the biggest environmental problems that America is having today. One of the said culprits is the shopping mall, mainly because of its food establishments. When there is food, there are kitchen that make them and these facilities are the large contributors to the FOG overflow.

The grease trap is a mandatory appliance that the shopping mall should have to catch all the grease materials and solid waste from the wastewater that comes mostly from the kitchen. Here, the grease materials and solid waste particles are separated from the untreated effluent. Normally, the FOG solidifies and floats on top of the effluent while the solid wastes sink to the bottom of the trap. But because the grease trap isn’t constantly monitored and maintained, the FOG spills over to the wastewater and solidifies in the pipelines. The wastewater and the FOG then back up into the shopping mall facilities and the surrounding area.

With this kind of crisis, mall authorities look into an ideal shopping mall grease trap cleaner. The immediate products that would come to their minds are the chemicals and the enzymes that present themselves as very strong and very potent. These products just emulsify the FOG and make it liquefied enough to mix in with the wastewater. The FOG solidifies in the pipelines and block the wastewater from reaching the treatment plant. As a result, wastewater backs up into the shopping mall and surrounding waterways. Health issues arise and water contamination is battled. The shopping mall authorities end up paying large fines and facing environmental lawsuits because of the FOG overflow, which may have been caused by the chemicals or enzymes they use as shopping mall grease trap cleaners.

Bacteria are the safest grease trap cleaners that anyone could use.  There are two processes that use friendly bacteria to clean grease traps—bioaugmentation and bioremediation. Bioaugmentation uses selected bacteria strains to consume the contaminants and FOG. Bioremediation uses non-pathogenic bacteria to convert the FOG into less dangerous forms. These processes leave the grease trap deodorized as well while leaving the environment safe.

Bacteria as the shopping mall grease trap cleaner will definitely make the mall’s grease trap free from FOG, fines, and lawsuits. But this organic cleaning agent can’t do things alone. The shopping mall management should make it a point to remind the kitchens to properly dispose of their grease materials and food scraps. They could do this by collecting the scraps and grease in containers that can be sealed up and disposed of with the trash. The drains should also be fitted with food mesh or filters to catch any small food or grease particle. With cooperation and the proper shopping mall grease trap cleaner, there’s a cleaner, safer mall to go to everyday.