Tips for Taking Care of Your Septic Tank and Drain Field

Image of a septic tank drainfield being installed.

Tips for taking care of your septic tank and drain field can be a valuable resource for homeowners with septic tanks and drain fields. Maintaining a septic tank and drain field should start the day you purchase the home. Maintaining a health system will save homeowners thousands in repair cost over the life of the system.

Septic tank treatments

Image of a septic tank undergoing septic tank treatments.

There are literally  hundreds of various septic tank treatments located in the United States alone. When it comes to that many choices, most people have always relied on advice from neighbors or relatives as to which one might work best for their own unique situation. What most fail to realize is that the majority of problems relating to septic tanks doesn’t actually occur in the tank itself, but further down the … Read more

Keeping groundwater away from cesspools

Image of the process of keeping groundwater away from cesspools.

In this article we will talk about how every homeowner knows that groundwater is valuable to everyone in the community. Groundwater is the clean water that is situated underneath the earth’s surface. It fits into the fractures of various rock formations and soil pore spaces. It has a part called the water table that is known as the depth in which fractures and voids in rock formations wherein water stays in … Read more

Drain field preventive maintenance

Image of a drainfield undergoing drain field preventive maintenance.

This article will briefly discuss the benefits of drain field preventive maintenance. The drain field is the make or break of the septic system. This is the final phase of wastewater treatment in your home. Here, the pre-treated, clear effluent is purified and rid of the contaminants and pathogens before it is released back into the surrounding environment. It makes or breaks the septic system because its condition leads to … Read more

Sand mound enzymes

When the property owner is advised to have sand mound installed instead of a conventional, underground septic system, things get a little more complicated. The regular septic tank had always been victim of neglect. What more would an extra sensitive sand mound experience? Sand mound enzyme additives are something every homeowner should recognize as a curtail part of owning a home. The sand mound is installed because of the high … Read more

Conserving water to help you sand mound systems

Image of a way of conserving water to help your sand mound system.

This article will try to help the consumer understand how conserving water to help you sand mound systems. How can you tell if you’re a responsible homeowner? Many see themselves as responsible homeowners because they maintain a well-manicured lawn. Others say that they are ideal homeowners because they are able to maintain their home like new. For some people, the real measure of a responsible homeowner is to make sure … Read more

Conserving water to help you raised mound systems

Image of a simple way of conserving water to help your raised mound systems.

Conserving water to help you raised mound systems is the focus of this article. For decades, communities have labored hard to figure out how they could possibly isolate the toxic, disease-ridden wastewater or sewage from their living environments. After some trials and clever designs, the septic system was finally conceived and materialized. Because of the septic system, wastewater is no longer a problem. The streets are no longer filthy or … Read more

School grease trap reduction

Image of a method of school grease trap reduction.

This article will cover school grease trap reduction and the benefits of using good bacteria. As the population in the United States increases, more and more young people become students. There is a very high demand for educators and educational institutions that will help form these young people into achievers of their generation. The US has always been known to fully support educational milestones and processes. The government and its … Read more

School grease trap clogging

Image of school grease trap clogging.

This article will cover school grease trap clogging. Grease is man-made. People say that everything that man has created has both good and bad purposes. It’s like creating something neutral and then the outcome would just depend on how that thing affects everything else. Grease was made to be an efficient lubricant in machines of various industries. It is always present in automobiles to smoothen the run of the motors. … Read more

School grease trap chemicals

This article will cover School grease trap chemicals and the role they play. What is the first thing that comes into mind when the word “chemicals” is heard? Most people think of corrosion, harm, burns, explosion, drugs, and danger when they hear this word. Well, technically, when chemicals are used, these collections of words are actually evident. Not everyone is well-versed with the proper use and combination of chemicals. This is … Read more