What role a septic tank baffle plays in leach field lines

Image of what role a septic tank baffle plays in leach field lines. This article will cover what role a septic tank baffle plays in leach field lines. You should know what role a septic tank baffle plays in caring for leach field lines. It’s part of your life as a responsible homeowner. These days, it is not enough for you to be aware that you have a septic system. you have to know the ins and outs of your wastewater treatment system so that you could effectively make sure that it functions well. Yu could even save money in septic system repairs if you know everything that you have to know about it. This means that you have to see to it that your system’s baffles are working great all the time. Septic tank baffles are found in the inlet and outlet pipes of your septic system. It is not a secret that most baffles easily become rusted over time. To find out if this has already happened, you have to ask your septic expert to regularly inspect it whenever the tank is pumped out. If the baffles already need replacements, plastic or PVC septic tees are installed. These tees must have the same diameter as the inlet and outlet pipes so that no amount of solid waste could escape them.

The inlet pipe is installed at a higher position than the outlet pipe. The position of the inlet pipe enables it to keep the solid wastes inside the tank. The solid wastes should not flow back into your home. The inlet baffle also makes sure that the wastewater is directed downwards into the tank. The outlet pipe is installed lower than the inlet pipe so that the outlet baffles could easily catch the solid waste particles inside the tank and keep them inside. The outlet baffle makes sure that the leach field is not clogged by the solid waste particles in the tank. The leach field lines are kept clear this way. The outlet baffle has a more critical job because is the leach field lines become clogged, the entire septic system will fail.

As a person that should be in control of your household, you should know the signs that tell you your septic baffles are in trouble. Below are some of them and surely, they will help you diagnose your baffles or tees a lot better and faster so that you could save time and money:

  • Foul odors in the home, building, or septic area

If you smell foul odors in these areas, there is a huge possibility that the outlet baffle or the septic gas baffle is gone. The odors may also indicate a leach field that is failing. You have to consult your septic expert about this. If ever the outlet baffle has disappeared, it should be replaced immediately. Failing leach fields usually have lost outlet baffles as the primary reason.

  • Backups between the septic tank and the home or building

When you notice wastewater backups near your home or building or pipe clogs between the septic tank and your home or building, this could very well be caused by the disappearance of the inlet pipe baffle. The wastewater flow is blocked or kept from entering the septic tank at a normal pace. Even if the plumber eliminates the clog, this will not last at all if the inlet baffle is nt replaced.

  • Pipe leaks into the tank (leads to overflowed tank and flooded leach field)

The pipelines should be checked or replaced so that the leaks won’t get worse. If the leaks are not corrected, then the entire system could fail.

Loss, damage, or inadequacy of a septic baffle requires immediate replacement with a septic tee. If the baffle is not replaced, the solid waste particles and the scum will clog the leach field lines and this will lead to septic failure. Leach field lines should always be clear of blockages. The pre-treated effluent that enters them should not have any grease or particles that could delay the wastewater treatment process.