Average Cost to have Lateral Lines Pumped

Image of a lateral line being pumped. The septic system is a very vital part of your household basically because it is responsible for helping in the cleanliness of your living environment. It is important for you to maintain your septic systems flow capability because it can cause your home to become immersed not only in a pool of sewage but in a pool of replacement bills. One way to deter or eliminate unexpected problems is to have your lateral lines inspected, and if needed, pumped from time to time.

Having your lateral lines pumped and cleaned regularly can be a very good practice. It is a means of making sure that the septic systems drainage areas are clear of solid waste materials that could be very harmful to the performance of the entire system, especially when those solids reach the leach field. As a responsible homeowner, you should make sure that you do your part in the maintenance of your septic system.

Sludge or the undigested solid wastes always settle at the bottom of the septic tank. You should make sure that the sludge is pumped out of the tank at two to four-year intervals for most people. Of course, this depends on the size of the tank and on how you actually use the septic system. As you know, if the solid waste is not eliminated regularly, this will flow to the leach field and this will be the main cause of your septic system’s failure. Using a lot of your run-of-the-mill household cleaning chemicals is already a very harmful thing to your septic system and you should be extra careful not to dump insecticides, paint thinners, solvents, and grease into your house drains to avoid harming the bacteria and the leach field. If your household uses a garbage disposal unit, you may need to have your system pumped out more often than a system without.

The cost of having the lateral lines pumped depends on your location and the size of your tank. The baseline cost is about 200 USD. The service personnel will also need to check the septic tank baffles to see if there are any unnoticed damages. You should let them know that you want this done before you call them for the job. The distribution box will also be tested by running water into it. This way, the leach field could also be assessed. If the septic tank is up to 1000 gallons, then it would be highly probably for your bill to reach 300 USD. This fee is applicable if the septic tank is already located, the access port is already opened up, and is readily accessible. If the septic tank still needs to be found by the pumping contractor, then you would have to pay 350 to 400 USD more. Part of the payment that you give goes to how the pumped out septage will be disposed of. Obviously, the septage needs to be dumped or disposed of at a site where sanitation is optimal. This is to make sure that the people, animals, and plants living in that area will not be harmed in any way, else, call another company who is more environmentally concerned.

You should set aside the money for the pumping so that when the turning point comes again, you will already have the money to remove the sludge out of your septic tank. It is a very small price compared to the replacement of you entire septic system should it fail, which can cost roughly 5,000 to 50,000 depending on where you live and other factors.. Remember that it is a big difference of having to spend only a few hundred dollars every few years compared the exorbitant costs of replacement.

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