Brown grass over raised mound

Image of brown grass over a raised mound.This article will cover brown grass over raised mound. Centuries have gone by. Man has searched for and tried very hard at achieving perfection. Through the years, innovations have led him to his goal a bit closer at every attempt. As a result, many of man’s inventions and discoveries are now even more useful. One example is the typical mobile phone. Decades ago, no one would have ever known that emails, social networks, and maps could ever be accessed through small phones or gadgets. Today, mobile phones can be bought at a bargain price but is indeed packed with features that the user could barely handle. Another is the regular restaurant. Years back, you could only choose a handful of dishes from their menu and just eat at that single venue. Now, you could contact them through phone or the Internet, order what you want, and have it delivered to your doorstep in minutes—anytime, anywhere. Admittedly, man’s intellect has led him to such conveniences that no one appreciates that much now. Oftentimes, these add-ons to life are taken for granted.

When you acquire a home, your priorities change. It’s vital for you to pay the bills and to maintain the physical aspect of the property. When you pay attention to your property, many innovations are now available for you to make us of. It isn’t the same as during the bygone era wherein you have to do everything by hand or you have to wait very lengthy periods of time just to get results. Just call an expert or use an automated tool and you’re done.

The septic system is also not confined to conventional styles anymore. It is transformed into other types that could help man more in his current property. If the land on the property has a soil type that absorbs too quickly or too slowly, then a raised mound should be installed instead of a conventional septic system. A raised mound is literally raised or situated above the ground. This is to facilitate improved absorption rate for the wastewater. The raised mound has pumps that allow it to more efficiently regulate the effluent flow.

If ever you see brown grass over the raised mound, you shouldn’t be alarmed at all. The brown grass only tells you that the raised mound system that you have is not experiencing any kind of problem. The top soil over the raised mound needs to be dry so that the aerobic bacteria could breathe. They need oxygen so that they could live in that portion of the raised mound system and help purify the pre-treated effluent.

The opposite of brown grass over the raised mound is the dark green, wet grass that most people regard as normal since they always water their lawns. Well, it isn’t normal if the smells that come out of it are very foul. The dark, wet grass tells you that there is a problem in the raised mound system. You have to call your septic expert right away so that necessary measures could be done. If the dark green, wet grass is allowed to persist, then raised mound failure is inevitable.

It’s paramount that the raised mound keeps functioning properly or you will end up spending thousands of dollars in septic system replacements or repairs. The following are some of the things you can do as a homeowner to maintain that brown grass over the raised mound:

  • Do not dump grease and non-biodegradable materials into drains or toilets. They cannot be broken down by bacteria anymore so they will just fill up the raised mound tank and clog everything, resulting to septic backups and overflows.
  • Use septic-friendly household cleaners. Ordinary cleaners have strong acids and bases that kill the resident bacteria and corrode the physical parts of the raised mound.

It would be best to talk to your septic expert about treating your raised mound with bacteria. They are microorganisms that are all-natural and won’t contaminate the surrounding environment. With regular application, the brown grass over the raised mound will surely stay.