Why is my cesspool flooded?

Image of a flooded cesspool.Why is my cesspool flooded?

People call in and ask why is my cesspool flooded? This is the topic of this article. We will discuss cesspools and what can cause a cesspool to fail and some of the remedies available for correcting a malfunctioning cesspool.

As you know, the cesspool is your home’s personalized waste water treatment facility that is prone to have many problems. One common dilemma is flooding. When your cesspool is flooded, it only means that there is something seriously wrong it. Flooding could be brought about by the killing off of bacteria, blockages by invasive tree roots, heavy increase in water load, and damages by soil compaction.

Killing off the resident bacteria is a terrible loss to the cesspool. The bacteria are the ones that breakdown the solid waste products that enter with the waste water. If the bacteria get killed off, the solid waste just stay in the cesspool and block the entire system. The bacteria can be killed off by harsh chemicals and antibacterial solutions. If you want to care for the bacteria in the cesspool, try to change to bacteria-friendly and environment-friendly cleaning solutions.

You asked the septic professional why is my cesspool flooded. One reason is that tree roots and other hardwood plants have very invasive roots that block the cesspool. When the cesspool is blocked, the waste water backs up, overflows, and floods.

An increase in water load can be brought about by heavy rains and heavy laundry/dish washing loads. When the waster load is too high, the resident bacteria do not have enough time to decompose the solid waste materials. As a result, the solid wastes fill the cesspool and cause the waste water to overflow and flood the system. To avoid a drastic increase in water load, a dry well should be installed. The grey water from the washing machine and the dishwasher will be collected in the dry well. This will help the cesspool with its water load.

Soil compaction also contributes to cesspool flooding. This is caused by the heavy weight of the vehicles that run over or the structures built on the cesspool area. The components of the cesspool could have cracks or could be crushed, thus making the waste water leak out and overflow. If this is the case, the components of the cesspool should be repaired or replaced immediately.

If your cesspool floods, there are hazards that you should consider:

• Safety hazards
Safety hazards include the risk of cesspool collapse. To prevent this, you should keep people and pets from accessing the cesspool area with the use of ropes. The cesspool cover should never be lifted off or should never be made of weak material. Someone could instantly fall into the cesspool and surely, that will result into a fatality. Make sure the cesspool cover is very secure.

• Electric hazards
There may be electrical wiring installed or around the cesspool area that should be turned off immediately if the cesspool is flooded.

• Health hazards
Health is seriously affected when the cesspool floods. A soup of pathogens and contaminants are free to infect and affect the household and the surrounding environment. Those who have weak or compromised immune systems like the elderly, sickly, and infants, are in great danger when this cesspool floods. Do not drink water that comes from your well when your cesspool floods. Stop using the cesspool for a while because the condition will only be aggravated.

Once you have a feeling that your cesspool components are starting to deteriorate or are already damaged, you should immediately call your septic expert. And you have to make sure that the septic expert you know if really a licensed specialist.

Every part of the house affected by cesspool backups should be cleaned and disinfected. Never pump out your cesspool when it is flooded because sediments would only get into the system and clog it. Just lessen the use or do not use the cesspool at all until the water level comes down.

Cesspool flooding is a very serious problem that you must prevent or correct immediately. Always coordinate with your septic expert so that you may be properly guided in caring for your system. Remember that prevention is always better than sure. We hope this helped you question of why is my cesspool flooded.

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