Gurgling sounds coming from pipes

A lot of people hear gurgling sounds coming form plumbing pipes and usually don’t think twice about it. Sometimes the gurgling occurs as a normal gas flow process while other times these sounds can be the beginning of a deeper problem.

Septic systems that are functioning properly build up little pressure within the system, however, systems that are in the beginning stages of clogging build pressure which pushes back into your home, causing gurgling. The excess pressures are a result of excess sludge and organics trapped in your drainage areas do to soil compaction. Once the soil begins to compact, liquids enter the tank and can not pass through your drainage areas optimally. This slow down causes pressures and presto – you hear strange sounds coming from your pipes.

To restore flow to a weakened system, add powerful bacteria to eat away at the clogs and digest sludge throughout the tank and lines. Commercial grade additives can quickly digest hundreds of pounds of waste overnight and bring life back into your sluggish septic system. One such product is NT-MAX septic tank maintenance and restoration treatments. NT-MAX products are of the highest quality and contain industrial grade bacteria and enzyme solutions that can reverse years of neglect and buildup. You can contact them toll free at 800-509-0927 or visit them at

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