How To Clean a Drain Field?

Image of a drain field in need of cleaning. How to clean a drain filed? Cleaning a septic tank drain field is the phrase usually associated with the inserting a high pressure spray washer into the drain field as a method of cleaning out access sludge and non digested waste.

Reverse spray water nozzle head is attached to the end of the spray head. The line is inserted into the drain field. The water pressure is then turned on and as the line is removed the pressure of the water pushes against the organic build up forcing it back to the distribution box where it can be pumped out and into the pump truck for disposal.

Cleaning a drain field can also be accomplished by injecting a high concentration of Super Shock bacteria into the septic tank and drain field. The bacterial Super Shock septic treatment will not only temporarily clean out the septic tank and drain field but will also digest the solids the have formed into bio mat clogging gavel and crushed stone that surround and make up the drain field.

Combining a Super Shock Septic Treatment and following up with a bacterial monthly maintenance treatment will clean a drain field and overtime eliminate sludge and bio mat restoring the drain field to a like new condition.

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