Will hydrogen peroxide harm sand mounds?

Image of a clogged sand mound because of hydrogen peroxide.People living abroad can experience the same problems as people in the United States when it comes to septic tanks and sand mounds. This article will address the question of will hydrogen peroxide harm sand mounds and some of the effects of using hydrogen peroxide.

Coming home from three years of living abroad is a very big thing. For three years, you have entrusted your newly built house under the care of your sister. When you arrived, the house was as good as the day it was finished. You remember that day. You left in the afternoon of the day when your house was finished. It really felt like you left a child or a pet behind. But your sister never forgot to update you with the maintenance she did on your home while you were gone. She even sent you copies of receipts. With regard to your sand mound, she sent you scheduled treatments, maintenance and inspections done and set for months and years to come.

As you looked at your home for the first time in three years, you couldn’t help but be thankful for the blessings that you have received to be able to have that house built. You embraced your sister and thanked her for taking great care of your investment. Before she gave you the keys, she reminded you that the sand mounds should be cleaned in three days.

The sand mound is a specially designed septic system that is above the surface of the ground. This is because of the high water table that the property has. Even if the sand mound is built differently, the fact still remains that it is your wastewater treatment system. It is responsible for recycling the wastewater that your household produces.

In cleaning the sand mound system, various products are available for you to choose from. It is only natural for you to initially look for a potent sand mound cleaner but also consider the cost and the effect that it has. Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that you would definitely want to have at the top of your list. Of course, your next question is… Will hydrogen peroxide harm sand mounds? When it is used properly… NO.

Known as agua oxinada, hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that is commonly used in large industries as a disinfectant. Women who have their period never leave home without it so that they could get rid of blood stains instantly. Industries use the strong pure hydrogen peroxide but if you consider using it in your home, you should opt for the three percent dilution. But there are other health stores that sell 30-35% dilution of hydrogen peroxide. In cleaning your sand mound, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a safe cleaner but the right concentration should be administered. Aside from being a safe sand mound cleaner, hydrogen peroxide also has other uses:

1. You can use hydrogen peroxide in disinfecting and cleaning your kitchen area and all equipment and utensils such as the cutting/chopping board. Just pour hydrogen peroxide on them after you have rinsed. This will surely eliminate bacteria such as Salmonella from proliferating.
2. When diluted in the same amount of water, hydrogen peroxide could be used to disinfect and clean your bathroom area without harming your sand mound area.
3. You could also use 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash for ten minutes each day. But don’t form this habit for very long because this could result to cell and tissue damage in your oral cavity and the degradation of the surfaces of your teeth.
4. Targeting and eliminating stubborn stains like blood and wine is easy by spot applying hydrogen peroxide.
5. If you have toxic mold, use hydrogen peroxide as your ammunition.
6. Sanitize and clean surfaces by spraying or wiping hydrogen peroxide on them.
7. Use hydrogen peroxide as a meat or vegetable soak before cooking them.
8. Have instant highlights on your hair by using hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair color.
9. You could also enhance the brilliance of your white clothes by soaking them in hydrogen peroxide.

Make sure that you consult with your septic expert in using hydrogen peroxide to clean your sand mound. With this chemical compound, the sand mound odors will also be eliminated as the pathogenic bacteria are killed off. The resident bacteria will be spared when properly administered but do not use hydrogen frequently, in large amounts. Make sure to ask your septic professional the question of will hydrogen peroxide harm sand mounds? His answer should be… NO.

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