How long do septic tanks last?

Image of a septic tank. A house is not functional without a septic system. It is a very important component when it comes to the safety and health of the household members. Imagine a house or establishment that doesn’t have a septic system. It would never be inhabitable because of the stench and the disgusting wastewater. No one could ever begin to describe how bad it would be. In your book, the septic tank if the most important part of a septic system. If anything happens to the septic tank, the drain field gets affected, and then the entire system goes berserk. Before you make that purchase, this is the question that you should ponder on…How long do septic tanks last?

It is really essential for you to have a fully functional septic system. You wouldn’t want your system to fail again like the first one. The main cause was the failed septic tank. After that, you really had to make the right choice of septic tank. You can’t stay with your sister and her family forever. You have to purchase the perfect septic tank for your home and you have to do it soon.

As you know, the septic tank is the collecting vessel of the wastewater that comes from your household. Because it holds the wastewater for a long time, it is subjected to a marinade of substances that are harsh such as acids and salts. This results to the corrosion of the septic tank and its components. Another consideration is how long do septic tanks last? With this, you should really consider buying the most long lasting septic tank that fits your budget. There are several materials to choose from. The most common type of material is concrete. A concrete septic tank is said to last one year to forty years. This depends on the quality of the concrete and how well it is mixed. Concrete is porous and is vulnerable to damages brought about by natural causes. It could also acquire cracks that could really affect its efficiency and lifespan.

Next is the steel septic tank. Steel is durable but it could only last fifteen to twenty years. It is metal so it is only expected that wastewater, natural elements, salts, and acids will deteriorate it. If the steel septic tank reaches fifteen to twenty years, it would be all rusted and worn out already but still able to work. The septic tank cover would still old until it is crushed by a heavy vehicle or structure. The last and newest material for septic tanks is polymer. The polymer septic tank is very durable and is said to resist damages brought about by acids and salts. It could also last for years just as long as it is physically intact.

Among these three types of septic tanks, the concrete and steel septic tanks deteriorate the fastest. If you really want to know the most durable septic tank for you and your budget, get in touch with your trusted septic tank manufacturer. Your septic expert could give you ideas on which manufacturer would be best to provide your new septic tank. When you finally have that new septic tank, you should take note that its life span will also depend on how well you use and take care of it. Just remember that the septic tank needs to maintain its resistance against the deteriorating elements that enter it. It should also be kept away from invasive add-ons in your yard such as tree roots and additional rainwater from the gutter.

For those homeowners that have bought a property that already has a septic tank, it would be best to have a certified septic exert conduct a thorough septic inspection so that necessary replacements and repairs can be made. An overall assessment of the system could also be performed by this professional. He could even provide a report on the age, size, and overall condition of the septic tank. Information on the upgrading of the septic system could also be given. The system should fit the code requirements in that area and only a septic expert could let you know about this. How long do septic tanks last?

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