Office complex grease removal

This article will cover office complex grease removal. Contemporary offices are not just cubicles and desks anymore. They are more of second homes to millions of professionals who spend more than the usual nine hours at work. Because employees stay in the work environment almost the entire day, administrators have thought of bringing their home and the outside world into their offices, making it an office complex.

An office complex is a work place that has it all for the employees—sleeping quarters, gym, movie room, TV room, computer/internet room, showers, comfort rooms, reading room, and mess hall. All of these minor facilities inside the office complex aim to make work efficiency much better. The principle if that if all the needs of employees are in the workplace as well, they will be able to acquire less stress and be more effective in their tasks. There are also office complexes that have several offices inside the building so that the service provided will be much smoother and much faster.

Having a fully functional office complex is not an easy task for administrators. They have to make sure that every single component doesn’t malfunction or lack in function. An office complex can house hundreds to thousands of employees. This brings up the demand for a steady supply of meals every single day at different times. In an office, there are different break times and different off times. Because of the shifting schedule, the mess hall and kitchen has to be open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It should always be ready to serve hot meals and ready snacks for everyone who wants or needs them.

A large kitchen is already a given in an office complex. It’s fully equipped and this means that it should also have a mandatory grease trap. The grease trap of an office complex is usually installed outdoors, underground. The grease trap collects the grey water from the kitchen and collects the FOG and solid wastes as well. Passive grease interceptors are commonly used because it just uses gravity to separate the FOG from the effluent. But there are office complexes that use automated grease interceptors that are fully mechanized in taking care of the FOG and solid waste materials.

Large facilities such as the office complex are large contributors to the FOG crisis. FOG and wastewater overflow happen because the grease traps are unmonitored. Regular maintenance of the grease trap should be performed. It would yield better results if a weekly clean up and pump out is done. Office complex grease removal is vital to maintain the integrity of the office complex structure and the health of the employees and the surrounding environment.

When office complex grease removal is not performed efficiently, FOG overflow happens. When an excessive amount of FOG spills into the wastewater, the pipe lines will get completely blocked. This results to backing up of wastewater into the office complex and pouring out of untreated effluent into the surrounding water systems. Foul odors will overwhelm the vicinity as well. Health and environmental problems are sure t be faced inevitably if this crisis is not corrected.

Office complex grease removal can be accomplished by pumping out or manually shoveling, scraping, and vacuuming all the wastes inside the grease trap. It would be ideal to completely scrape off the grease materials and solid food particles off the utensils, equipment, and dishes before they undergo washing. This will decrease the amount of FOG that enters the grease trap. To intensify the process of office complex grease removal, bioremediation is highly recommended. This involved the use of non-pathogenic, friendly bacteria to digest the FOG and solid wastes that enter the grease trap. You can use powdered bacteria, which is easy to store and deliver. There are bacteria pumps that administer bacteria with time intervals. Bactria blocks are tied and suspended inside the grease traps so that they can dissolve slowly. Liquid bacteria are poured into drains so that the grease trap is targeted. Bioremediation is the best method in office complex grease removal indeed.