Cafeteria Grease Removal

Image of grease removal from a cafeteria grease trap.

This article will cover cafeteria grease removal. It is already considered as an institution and a household name in this day and age. For decades, students and employees have gained sustenance from cafeteria food. Years back, food that’s prepared in the cafeteria was considered awful and unpalatable. But since the dawn of flavor and better cooking, the cafeteria has earned a lot of compliments when it comes to the modified … Read more

Government housing grease trap cleaner

Image of a government housing grease trap cleaner.

This article will cover government housing grease trap cleaner products. It may seem ironic that a government housing facility is now one of the major causes of FOG (fats, oils, grease) overflow in the United States. The US federal government is determined to place every family in a home that they could afford. This is why they have constructed various formats of government housing facilities. The most common format is … Read more

Food processing plant grease removal

Image of a new method of food processing plant grease removal.

This article will cover food processing plant grease removal. Food processing is an important industry because it transforms raw materials into edible products.  The crops and animal products that are gathered undergo a system wherein they are made into much more marketable forms. Through food processing, many microorganisms are eliminated, preservatives are mixed in, and shelf lives are extended. The finished products are called processed foods that come in sealed … Read more

Government housing grease removal

Image of removing grease from a government housing's grease trap.

This article will cover government housing grease removal. Due to the large increase in the number of people who need decent places to live in but could not afford them on their own, the US government has devised various housing projects that aim to help. Housing that is subsidized by the federal government has branched out into different formats and different settings. The most common housing projects provided are the … Read more

Office complex grease removal

Image of an office complex grease removal.

This article will cover office complex grease removal. Contemporary offices are not just cubicles and desks anymore. They are more of second homes to millions of professionals who spend more than the usual nine hours at work. Because employees stay in the work environment almost the entire day, administrators have thought of bringing their home and the outside world into their offices, making it an office complex. An office complex … Read more