Office complex grease trap maintenance

Image of office complex grease trap maintenance.This article will cover the issue of Office complex grease trap maintenance. As years pass, more and more people are becoming aware of the increasing environmental problems in the United States. With so much development going on, it’s already expected that setbacks will eventually occur. In the invention of various equipment and appliances, there are residual chemicals or grease expelled into the environment. In the beginning, these may have been ignored or set aside but as more and more negative outcomes surface, the problem has become too overwhelming.

One of the beneficial equipment that man has ever come up with is the grease trap. The grease trap is an appliance that needs to be installed in kitchens of facilities that handle, serve, and produce food. As you may know, numerous companies are trying to incorporate the convenience of having readily-served food in their premises to make everyone feel comfortable and balanced. One such facility is the office complex. In the office complex, various offices and departments are located in just one building. Instead of having to drive to other cities, towns, or states, people just go to different floors or doors to accomplish their paperwork.

It really helps heighten the comfort level if the office complex has food available in it. And this is exactly what these facilities have. If the office complex works with a shifting schedule, then the kitchen or canteen should supply food in the same manner, meaning almost on a twenty-four-hour basis. The mess hall is very frequented especially with different break times. The kitchen area is the biggest source of FOG (fats, oils, grease) in the office complex and this is becoming a great problem already.

The FOG crisis in the Unites States calls for a more efficient office complex grease trap maintenance. This should be able to cut down the cased of FOG overflow in many wastewater treatment facilities. The grease trap collects the grey water from the kitchen when the dishes, equipment, and utensils are washed. The distance from the drain to the grease trap lets the FOG cool down and solidify. The solidified grease material then floats over the effluent while the heavy solid wastes settle to the trap’s floor. But because of the lack in proper maintenance, the FOG that accumulates in the grease trap overflows onto the wastewater that enters the sewer lines to get to the wastewater treatment plant.

Office complexes pay hefty fines because they have high levels of FOG in their grease traps. People tend to be busy and maintenance people may not have all their time devoted to monitoring the grease trap. When FOG overflows, it solidifies in the wastewater pipes. It sticks to the walls and accumulates until eventually, the entire pipe is blocked. This results to the backing up of wastewater into the office complex facilities and onto the property itself. The untreated effluent may also reach the surrounding water systems, causing their contamination. Health issues will also surface and even more money is spent on more fines and lawsuits.

To prevent the office complex administration from facing such huge problems, office complex grease trap maintenance is starting to be improved. Before the utensils, equipment, and dishes even reach the wash area, all the grease materials are manually scraped off them and disposed of together with the regular trash. Filters are even installed in the wash sinks so that there is much lesser amounts of FOG that reaches the grease trap. It takes extra effort but this definitely helps significantly in the betterment of the grease trap’s condition.

Bioremediation is also being implemented in office complex grease trap maintenance. This process makes us of friendly, non-pathogenic bacteria. These microorganisms effectively digest the FOG and solid wastes inside the grease trap while getting rid of the foul odors. There are bacteria pumps, bacteria blocks, liquid bacteria, and powdered bacteria that can be used according to preference. With bacteria in office complex grease trap maintenance, there will be much less gravity to the present FOG problem.

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