Problems With a Septic Tank

Image of a septic tank with problems. Problems with a septic tank and drain fields will usually be the result of a lack of beneficial coli form bacteria found naturally in the septic system. The presents of healthy coli form bacteria in a septic system is essential to the digestion process. The natural process of digestion is defined as the ability of a septic system to breakdown solids and waste water into water and carbon dioxide.

Monitoring the bacterial count in a septic system would require the expertise of a biologist, ensuring your septic system is properly treated with a beneficial bacteria septic tank treatment can be accomplished with just a little due diligence reducing potential problems with your septic tank. The lack of beneficial bacteria in a septic system can usually be contributed to antibacterial hand soaps, excessive amounts of fresh water draining into the system and toxic cleaning chemicals we sometimes flush down the toilet.

Problems with a septic tank can be avoided with just a few simple life style changes. Household cleaning products should be manufactured with all natural ingredients. Product lines such as “Seventh Generation” are a great way to start. Taking care of your septic tank and drain field will prevent problems with you septic tank. Problems with a septic tank and drain field should be non existent and your system should out last your home.

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