Raised mound safe dishwasher detergents

Image of a raised mound safe dishwasher detergent. This is another article that will briefly discuss the age old question of Raised mound safe dishwasher detergents. Making things more complicated is what man is very good at. Well, that’s what progress is all about—simple things made more complex. But even if things may seem harder to perceive or utilize, they were all actually based on simple things. For instance, take a look at your shower. Long ago, people just bathed in the ponds and rivers. They soaked in tubs if they wanted to take a dip at home in private. But the problem was that after they soaked in the tub, the water was filthy. There were even ectoparasites floating around after their tub bath.

Some thought that the filth they left in the tub would actually stick to them again since they have stayed in there for a while. And they saved water so they re-used tub water. If someone used it, you could b the next to soak in it without changing the water. Gross, huh? So, someone thought that it would be much cleaner to bathe if water is poured down on you. With this, the shower was born so that your arms will be free of constantly pouring water on yourself.

So many inventions were made through the years and one very indispensable one is found at home, doing your dishes for you—the dishwasher. With the help of this contraption, you could have your meals and just put the dirty dishes in it so you won’t have to slave away while the rest of the family watches TV without you. But in acquiring such household help, you have to make sure that your raised mound will b all right whenever you use it.

Since your dishwasher is connected to the raised mound, the grey water produced goes straight into the system. You don’t have to worry about the dishwasher detergent that you use because by the time the grey water reaches the raised mound, the dishwasher detergent would be so diluted already that it won’t cause any harm to the flow of the wastewater treatment process.

With regard to the raised mound system, what you should be taking a closer look at the water load increase when you use the dishwasher. The sudden increase in water load stirs up the sludge at the bottom of the raised mound’s tank. The sludge gets carried over to the filter systems and the soil absorption system and clogs them. Eventually, the system malfunctions and fails. Things get worse when you use the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time during heavy rains.

When it comes to the environment, you should choose raised mound safe dishwasher detergents that don’t have or are low in surfactants and phosphates. Surfactants are compounds that get into the gills of the fishes in the water systems and disable the oxygen absorption of the fish. Phosphates increase algal growth in the water. This results to a high algal population that depletes the dissolves oxygen meant for the consumption of every living organism in the ponds, lakes, streams, or rivers. If there is no oxygen, there is no life. The water system is left as a dead zone when this phenomenon takes place.

If you already have a dishwasher installed in your home, then you must have extra efforts in taking good care of the raised mound system aside from purchasing raised mound safe dishwasher detergents. You should change the drain direction of the rain gutter so it doesn’t pour rainwater directly onto the raised mound. Talk to your septic expert about installing a dry well that will help accommodate the grey water from the washing machine and from the dishwasher.

Avoid using antibacterial solutions and strong chemicals into your system so that the resident bacteria won’t be killed off and the physical structure of the raised mound will not be damaged. You should also avoid dumping non-biodegradable materials and grease into the system because these substances will not be decomposed by the bacteria. They will just stay there and block everything. Avoid planting trees or other hardwood plants on top of or near the raised mound system to avoid damage and clogging. Of course, never fail to pump out the system on schedule to maintain the sludge at normal levels. We hope this article helped to briefly discuss the age old question of Raised mound safe dishwasher detergents.

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