Are sand mound aerators beneficial?

Image of a sand mound aerator.This article is the result of many question asking the age old question of are sand mound aerators beneficial? You just turned off the television after a marathon of commercials. You have long been a septic of various products. Elaborate advertisements never impressed you enough to actually buy the product. When you used a product, you saw to it was absolutely effective. It was your mandate to yourself to try a product first before you patronize it. Through the years this was your practice until you had your own home. Several home product promoters have visited your home and left some samples for you to try. Only less than a handful was ever contacted by you because you thought that their product was actually amazing enough for you to buy. Once day, a septic product agent came by your house and tried to sell you a sand mound aerator. You listened to his presentation.

The sand mound is a type of septic system that treats the wastewater that your household produces. This is installed in a property that has a high water table. The sand mound is also known as a raised mound because it is literally raised above the ground. It is said to be more sensitive than other septic systems because it is exposed to the elements. Other septic systems are built underneath the soil where the heat produced by the metabolic activities of the bacteria is trapped. In the case of a sand mound, you have to cover it with a construction fabric first before you cover it with a thin layer of topsoil. This way, the rain and snow will not penetrate the system, provided that the construction fabric is not ruined or tattered in any way.

Like any septic system, the sand mound has anaerobic and aerobic bacteria to break down solid particles and to purify the effluent further as it reaches the soil absorption system. But even if there are bacteria that perform the main job in the sand mound system, there are still bits and pieces of solid particles that make it through and clog the soil absorption system. With this, a much greater mode of enhancement is used by several homeowners. These are sand mound aerators. You asked, “Are sand mound aerators beneficial?” Of course, they are!

Sand mound aerators are responsible for giving the sand mound with so much more oxygen. This encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria. As a result, the solid waste materials are broken down further into smaller pieces. The aerobic bacteria help the natural purification in the soil absorption system go much faster. By the time the entire process is done, the effluent is said to come out 90% more odorless and much clearer. After just 4 to 6 weeks of the aeration system doing the job, your sand mound system will dramatically improve.

The amount of oxygen is much higher in the sand mound when the aerator system is installed. This makes your sand mound system even more reliable than it was before. Clogging will be virtually non-existent because of the super aerobic bacteria that have found their way into the system. It is like having your very own reinforcement of bacteria or even a quadruple dose of bacteria. But this also requires your maintenance and care. The aeration system cannot do it alone. You have to use your drains, toilets, and sinks properly, stay away from antibacterial solutions and harsh chemicals, and always adhere to the pump out and treatment schedules. This way, you will be able to have both the aeration system and your sand mound system intact for decades.

After hearing the promoter’s presentation, you were convinced that you really had to have an aeration system installed in your sand mound. You’re already a homeowner. Part of your responsibility was to make sure that your sand mound system and your entire property would last for a very long time. It was an investment that you have saved for and through the aeration system, every penny was worth it. The answer to this old question are sand mound aerators beneficial is defiantly yes they are beneficial.

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