Who Sells Septic Tank Shock Treatment?

Image of a septic tank having shock treatment. Who sells septic tank shock treatment? This blog will briefly touch on the advantages and disadvantages of using a septic tank shock treatment, where to purchase septic tank shock treatments and who sells the best septic tank shock treatment.

Bio-mat build up is a common cause of septic tank; leach field, cesspit and cesspool failure. Septic systems primary function it to treat waste water generated by a home or business. The process is referred to as digestion and the result of bacteria produced by human body mixing with solid waste generated by the home along with fats, oils and greases.

When foreign products are added to the septic system such as antibacterial hand soaps, toxic cleaning products, paints and thinners, they all contribute to the destruction of good bacteria responsible for creating the digestion process reducing solid waste into water and carbon dioxide. The result is a buildup of bio-mat throughout the septic tank and the leaching area of the septic system.

There are many advantages to using a septic tank shock treatment. The most obvious is that when the septic system recovers and is restored, the home or business owner get many additional years of use out of the septic system. The savings is another advantage to utilizing a septic tank shock treatment. The cost of purchasing the best septic tank shock treatment is a fraction of the expense associated with the replacement of a septic system. There have been many cases where the old septic system site would not pass new updated inspection standards and the old septic site was not approved by the municipality for replacement of the same type system. The updated septic system required by the municipality was at a considerable higher cost the home or business owner.

Disadvantages associated with the use of septic tank shock treatment, the time it takes for the product to show signs of improvement. Typical systems will start to show signs of improvement within the first few weeks depending on how bad the septic system is clogged. Septic systems that have experiences substantial amounts of bio-mat load to the leaching area of the system can expect the remediation process to extend additional weeks for signs of recovery.

Commercial grade septic tank shock treatments will usually require shipping from the laboratory or other facility. Septic tank shock treatments are shipped as live bacteria and have shorter shelf life compared to dry septic tank treatment products. When purchasing a septic tank shock treatment, be sure that the company has a 100% money back guarantee and a return policy in the event the product is unsuccessful. Some companies will work with you until the system opens, sending additional product at no charge. Ensure they have a good consumer rating with the BBB and other online reporting services.

Septic tank shock treatments have been used in waste water treatment plants for decades with great success. The same bacteria application has been successful in the treatment of septic tanks and draining systems.

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