Best septic tank chemicals

Image of septic tank chemicals being administered into the septic tank. The septic system is comprised of the septic tank and the drain field. It is a wastewater treatment facility that every household needs, if the town’s sewer system is not accessible. Taking good care of your septic system means, that you would have to make sure that you only use the best possible products that would be safe for its internal environment and would really enhance its performance as well. The bacteria inside your septic system are the most delicate players in the septic system. The first type of bacteria is found in the septic tank. With this, you know that you really have to be picky of the septic tank chemicals that you should choose.

There are so many septic tank chemicals that are out in the market today. Because of their vast number, you have to see to it that you purchase what’s best for your septic tank. The decision that you make will make or break the septic system. Your septic tank is responsible for the collection of the wastewater from your household. Whatever you use on it would have to ensure the safety of the tank’s structure and the bacteria that is present in it. The septic tank is the first phase of your wastewater treatment. The effluent that comes out of the tank should be free of solid waste materials already and this could only be accomplished by the anaerobic bacteria that are present there.

Your septic tank should be pumped out and cleaned on scheduled. Read on and find out what you should do to make sure that you only purchase the best septic tank chemicals.

1. Label reading
If you are a smart consumer, then you have already practiced the habit of reading the labels on the packaging of the products that you want to buy from the grocery. This also applies in the septic supply store. You have to keep an eye on the labels that tell you that the product is safe to use on your septic tank. Remember that your choice of product should not harm the tank structure and the bacteria.

2. Make use of bleach
Products with bleach or diluted bleach are friendly to your septic tank. Bleach can be harmful to bacteria if you use it pure. Once bleach is diluted, it will not kill of the resident bacteria. But make sure that you do not use bleach too much because it can damage the tank o the entire septic system over time.

3. Make use of cleaners with ammonia
Ammonia is absolutely safe for your septic tank. It is even friendly to the resident bacteria there. It doesn’t even pollute the surrounding water systems. One thing you have to remember is not to mix up ammonia and bleach because of the unfavorable reaction that they will create.

4. Make use of mild cleaners
Surface cleaners and detergents can be used on your septic tank. These are all-purpose and mild enough for you to use without gloves. These cleaning agents do not have harsh bases and acids that damage the septic tank or the bacteria present in it.

5. Make use of liquid cleaner for drains
Liquefied drain cleaners are very safe to use on your septic tank. Solid cleaners or those that foam up damage the tank and the entire system. Make sure that you don’t use it too much, too often because it could damage the septic tank over time.

6. Make use of water-based cleaners
Disinfectants and other water-based cleaners that can be used for tubs, toilets, and carpets could also be used on your septic tank. If you use water-based chemicals, they are mild enough for your septic tanks delicate environment.

It can be very laborious to really scope out the best septic tank chemicals for you to use. But doing so would definitely yield good results. When you take care of your septic tank, the entire system follows. The more you see to it that your septic tank is well taken care of, the more you prolong the septic system’s life.

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