Can tree roots block or clog raised mounds

Image of invasive tree roots that can affect raised mounds.

Nice garden, you have there. It took a while for you to have every tree that you wanted from your botanical supplier. But finally, they are all in your garden. You have to admit that it took money and patience to have such a professionally designed and constructed garden. But have you ever thought of the raised mound that you had installed? Can tree roots block or clog raised mounds? … Read more

Can tree roots block or clog septic tanks?

It was traditional for your school to plant trees for your “Plant a Tree Month celebration”. Part of the celebration was to plant as many trees that you could within the entire month. The location was not an issue. What was important was to document the planting through pictures and the signatures of the property owners that you asked permission from. But before you started your project, you wanted to … Read more