How often should I inspect my sand mound?

Image of a homeowner, inspecting his sand mound.

A sand mound is a septic system that is a specialized septic system. It is a system that you can have installed when a conventional septic system is not suitable for your living environment. Like any other system, the sand mound’s components are underneath the ground. Naturally, conducting an inspection would be a challenge in anyone’s book. How often should you inspect your sand mound? Well, you should have this … Read more

Septic Tank Inspection

Image of a septic tank being inspected.

Purchasing a home can be the biggest investment of your life. Make sure you do your homework. Hire a home inspection company with credentials. Call the BBB (Better Business Burial) and make sure you enquire as to if the home has a septic system or is it tied into the city sewer. Ask the homeowner for a sewer bill and call the city to verify their claim. If you discover … Read more