How to locate your raised mound

This article will briefly discuss how to locate your raised mound septic system. It was a very lazy Sunday afternoon. You didn’t feel like moving from your lounge chair even if you knew that you were starting to get hungry, you still didn’t want to leave your chair. But slowly, the delicious aroma of freshly baked egg pie drifted to where you were. You just couldn’t resist it. You had … Read more

How to locate your septic tank

Image of a septic tank that has just been located.

This short article will discuss the age old question of how to locate your septic tank. It was a great loss for you and your family when your mother died. She was always a generous hostess when you spent vacation months in her house. The kids could never forget the cakes and cookies she always baked for them. She sensed the slightest problems that loomed over you and she never … Read more