How often should I pump out my raised mound?

Image of a raised mound getting pumped out.

As a septic system professional I get the same old question of answer the question of how often should I inspect my septic? Your household has grown a lot since the first time you moved into your home. Then, you started with only two people—you and your wife. As years went by, the house became full with three children in your midst. After a while, your family started experiencing the … Read more

Septic Tank Pump Outs

Septic tank pump outs are necessary for any home owner utilizing a septic tank and drain field as the onsite waste water treatment system. There are several indicators a septic tank may require a pump out. Indications can range from septic odors emitting from the system to wet spots in the yard. Sludge build up can clog the system causing toilets to make gurgling sounds and in a worst case … Read more