8 Ways to Keep Your Septic System Healthy

The most common sewage disposal system widely used today is the septic tank along with a drain field or leach field. If the soil surrounding your home is suitable, a septic system can usually be installed and will provide many years of hands off sewage disposal. Of course, nothing lasts forever, but, to make sure that your system stays in top shape, these handy tips might get you a few extra years out of an old system and add years to a newer installation.

1) Monitor scum and sludge levels on a yearly basis.

2) Restrict or limit the amount of grease and harsh chemicals from entering the system. Septic systems can handle a small amount of grease provided the septic tank is allowed to germinate maximum healthy enzymes and bacteria.

3) Install water saving shower heads and practice common sense with water use. If legal, install a drywell on your property if you have the room. Drywell’s are a great way to route grey water away from the tank, allowing for maximum bacteria growth in your septic tank and leach field.

4) Don’s pour paints, thinners, harsh chemicals, medicines, oils or other anti bacterial type chemicals down your pipes.

5) Never flush plastics, diapers, cigarettes, sanitary plastics or any other non-biodegradable items. They will get lodged in your drain field or leach lines, causing major problems and blockage down the road.

6) Ease off the garbage disposal. Too much organic load causes high sludge levels which will eventually make way out to your drain field.

7) If your diet consists of high grease foods, be sure to add bacteria to maximize the breakdown and digestation.

8) Utilize the power of septic tank enzymes and bacteria to keep bacteria and enzyme levels high.

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