Preparing Your Septic System for Holiday Visits

 It’s that time of the year again where most of us will have random or planned holiday visits from friends and family. While enjoying time with acquaintances is rewarding and pleasurable, many homeowners experience septic system problems during these heavy use times. These helpful tips can help you avoid an embarrassing situation or worse yet – a backup right in the middle of your gathering!

 1) Restrict laundry loads or go to a Laundromat for two weeks prior to your guest’s arrival. Each load of laundry can add up to 70 gallons of water to your septic tank. Cutting back or doing laundry elsewhere for a few weeks can help dry up your drain field or leach field area.

2) Wash dishes by hand for a week or two. Avoid the dishwasher since that too adds excess water to your septic tank. Turn the water on only enough to wash away the dirt.

3) Cut shower times down and only shower when needed for a few weeks. There might be little need to shower 3 times a day if your body is not dirty. Each shower session can add up to 80 gallons of water that goes directly into your septic system and out to your leach field so, only shower when needed.

4) Limit your flushing to only when needed. Remember, this is a sacrifice to avoid waste backing up into your home while your guests are in the middle of eating your hor devours.

 Plan ahead. Remember that a septic system is designed to handle the amount of waste your household generates with little room for excess. Employ usage restrictions at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to your gatherings. By making a few small behavior changes early on, you can assure that your septic system will function at maximum performance.

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