Difference between bacteria and enzymes

With all the confusion over whether to use bacteria or enzymes to unclog failing septic systems, a simple explanation of the two will hopefully put an end to this never ending debate.
Bacteria eat waste within your septic, lines and any drainage areas such as a leach pit, lateral line or field. As the bacteria digests waste it creates enzymes which more or less liquefy waste, making it easier for the bacteria to digest the newly liquefied waste. The great thing about bacteria is that it is 100% replenishable provided harsh household chemicals don’t kill too many of the colonies. Bacteria are not extremely selective in what it consumes and will more or less digest anything organic in its path. Bacteria is not only less expensive than enzymes, it actually converts the waste into harmless water and carbon dioxide. Bacteria gets to work fast at clearing up compacted sludge within septic systems and is used dominantly throughout the globe as a premier choice for wastewater degradation.
Enzymes on the other hand are good – but not great. You see, enzymes simply liquefy waste products but don’t actually digest them. Enzymes are very powerful and can liquefy hard, compacted grease in a matter of minutes. The problem with enzymes is, most everything they liquefy will reform back into what they once were at a later time. In other words, the enzymes will turn grease within your septic system into liquid; this liquid grease will travel downstream into your drain field or lateral lines and once again, turn back into solid grease! Now you have a fairly clean septic system with tons of soil clogging grease pushing your system into failure. And, enzymes not only liquefy grease, they liquefy just about everything organic in your tank. These organics re-solidify later on in your drainage sub-soils and cause major problems later on.
There are countless strains of bacteria with matching numbers of enzyme liquefiers. The numbers are quite astonishing and also, quite confusing. When choosing a product to maintain or restore your failed septic system, choose bacteria over enzymes. Bacteria provide free enzymes and they both work in symmetry to digest and absorb completely all organic waste within your system.

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