Leach Field Cleaning

Leach field cleaning is a term that has been widely used when referencing a septic tank and drain field pump out. If a septic system is properly maintained, the necessary maintenance that should be performed is a monthly bacterial maintenance treatment and a septic tank pump out every 3 to 4 years depending on the size of the home and the number of people residing in the residence.

Leach field cleaning can also refer to the use of a septic tank drain field jetting system. This is performed by inserting a high pressure water hose into the drain field lateral line with a reverse pleasure valve attached to the end. The pressure is applied as the hose is retracted from the septic drain field pulling sludge and solid material from the lateral lines. This process will give the system temporary relief only and is usually not a Permanente fix or repair.

With the introduction of anti bacterial hand soaps and harsh chemicals being introduced into our systems daily, system failure is becoming more common. Deadly anti bacterial hand soaps kills off the good bacteria found naturally in the system. The result is the lack of solid digestion in the septic tank resulting in solid sludge migrating out into the drain field clogging lateral leach field lines that will require leach field cleaning.

Leach field cleaning does not always work. The best course of action is to reframe from using anti bacterial hand soaps and harsh chemicals. Use a beneficial bacterial additive on a monthly basis. This will maintain your septic tank leach field lines.

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