Finding a Septic Tank and Drain Field

Image of one method of detecting a drain field and a septic tank. Finding a septic tank and drain field can be accomplished by a few different methods. This blog post will offer some advice on locating a septic tank and drain field.

The first thing a home owner should do is make a visit to the local county court house. They should have a copy of the permit and a map of the septic tank and the drain on record. Depending on how old the system is will certainly determine if a tax map exists. Every county is different; some municipalities have been keeping records longer than others.

The most common way to find a septic system is to purchase a septic tank probing rod from your local hardware store. The septic tank and drain field probes are purposely designed to help home owners and professionals locate septic tanks and drain fields. To locate the septic tank you simply insert the probe into the soil searching for gravel or something foreign to the area such as the tank or the drain field.

If you are lucky enough to have a basement, the septic tank and drain field will be easier to locate. Look in the basement for the schedules 40 PVC or 4” to 6” steel waste water sewage pipe exiting the home. The sewers pipes are used to carry waste water out into the sewage holding septic tank where the digestion process takes place.

Once you have located the septic tank exit pipe, go outside and locate where the pipe exits the house. The tank should be located 3 to 5 feet from the house. The drain field should extend straight out from the septic tank.

Another way of finding a septic tank and drain field is to look for discoloration or lush green grass in the suspected area. If you can look out over your yard and see the outline of your drain field, your septic tank and drain field are most likely failing. The lush green grass indicates that the drain field is not leaching properly and the effluent or water is being forced to the surface fertilizing the grass.

Try and contact the previous owners septic tank pumping company. They may have a good idea where the system is located. Do your research and finding a septic tank and drain field can be a fairly easy task.

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