Problems With Septic Tank Odors?

Image of a man suffering from septic tank odors. Problems with septic tank odors are the topic of this short blog post. We are going to try and convey to the reader a few simple methods of dealing with septic tank odors and their problems. Where septic tank odor problems come from, what causes them and how to get rid of them?

Problems with septic tank odors effect most home owners that use a septic tank and a drain field as their primary treatment source for waste water generated by the home.

When a septic tank and drain field is working properly, there are rarely odors or sewage smells coming from the system. This is due primarily to the system having a good bacterial count. Bacteria produced by the human body breaks down the solid waste generated by the home. The by product is water and carbon dioxide.

Septic tank odors are usually a sure sign the system is not functioning properly. This is usually the result of a system that is under stress due to an over use of anti bacterial hand soaps, excessive amounts of water usage. This can usually be contributed to long showers and excessive amounts of washing machine usage.

It is important that the problem with your septic tank odors be addressed immediately. Allowing a system to function under stress will ultimately damage the system’s ability to treat waste water generated by the home.

The problem with septic tank odors is they are not going away unless you the home owner take the necessary steps to correct the problems causing the sewer smells and septic odors.

Eliminating all anti bacterial products from the house is a must. Nothing anti bacterial can be added to the septic system. Restrict the amount of fresh water that you use. Never dump fats, oils and greases down the kitchen sink. Dispose fats, oils and greases in the garbage can. Over use of garbage disposals will add undigested solids into the system clogging the septic tank and drain field causing problems and septic tank odors.

Problems with septic tank odors can be resolved with a septic tank bacteria additive. By using a septic tank treatment on a monthly basis you will not only ensure your system is properly functioning but you can also ensure that you will never have problems with septic tank odors.

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