Green Grass Over the Septic Tank and Drain Field

Image of green grass over septic tank and drainfield. Green grass over the septic tank and drain field has been the topic of many discussions. This blog is intended to help you the homeowners identify slow systems and bio mat buildup in septic tanks and drain fields.

Green grass over the septic tank and drain field is a good sign your septic system is beginning to fail. This early warning sign will usually be accompanied by spongy wet soil and possible backups in your home. Immediate attention should be given to systems experiencing these types of conditions.

There are two septic tank and drain field remediation processes currently available on the market with proven documented success. The first option is to replace the entire septic system, replacing the septic tank and drain field, bringing the system up to code. The septic tank and drain field replacement costs can range from a few thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars depending on your geographical location.

The second option consist of shocking the system with a beneficial bacteria engineered for digesting solid sludge and bio mat buildup responsible for clogging septic system causing system failure. These specific bacteria usually consist of the same bacteria used in municipal waste water treatment applications.

By shocking the septic system, homeowners and commercial property managers can restore their septic systems to a like new condition. With regular monthly bacterial treatments, homeowners can expect their systems to recover and the green grass areas over the septic tank and drain field will disappear.

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