Growing Vegetables Over a Septic Tank and Drain Field

Image of some veggies and herbs planted in pots over a septic tank and drain field. Growing vegetables over a Septic tank or drain field may seem like a great place to raise a garden. This is not a recommended and there is no way to ensure the fruits of your labor are not contaminated with deadly bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria can easily make its way from your garden into your kitchen potentially poisoning your family and dinner guest.

A growing number of septic tanks and drain fields are failing due to over use and lack of proper septic tank and drain field maintenance. Gardening over a septic tank and the use of fertilizers and the additional watering a garden requires, can affect a septic tank and the drain fields ability to function properly. Additional watering and moisture will reduce the septic systems effectiveness to process waste water generated by the home.

Growing vegetables over a septic tank or drain field is a bad idea. Better to be safe than sorry. Plant you vegetable garden at least 20 feet from your septic tank and drain field. This will safely reduce or eliminate the danger of cross contamination and the possibility of bacterial poisoning.

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