Septic Tank Additives and Treatments

Image of a homeowner whose septic tank is in need of additives and treatments. Septic tank additives and treatments have long been the topic of discussion. Do septic tank additives work do I need a septic tank additive. One thing is certain, if you have a septic tank and you ignore the maintenance aspect, you will have problems with the system at some point.

There are many septic tank additives and treatments available on the market. Most are classified into three categories: organic treatment and solvents, inorganic treatments and biological additives.

Biological additives or beneficial bacterial enzymes are known to be septic safe and have the ability to digest solids and household waste into effluent making it possible for what was once solid waste to drain through the leach field returning to the water table.

Organic solvents and treatments typically have chemical ingredients that will kill off beneficial bacteria that are beneficial the septic system and necessary for the break down and digestion of solids.

Inorganic septic tank treatments contain chemicals harmful to the natural beneficial bacteria found in a septic tank. Inorganic septic tank treatments can destroy beneficial bacteria allowing solids to escape into the drain field where bio mat can form clogging up the septic drain field.

Septic tank additives and treatments are designed to help in digesting solids, fats oils and grease into effluent before it enters the drain field. Treat your system with a monthly septic tank additive, keep your system open and free of bio mat.

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