Leaking Sand Mound Help

Image of a leaking sand mound.The use of a sand mound with a septic tank system is often one of the more preferred methods when a conventional septic tank and drain field is not allowed. There are several things that can happen to one of these systems though that can cause serious issues with the processing of waste generated by a home. There are many things associated with a septic tank and sand mound that can go wrong.

Anti bacterial products such as anti bacterial hand soaps and cleaners can affect the biological digestion process required for the digestion to be completed before the effluent drains into the sand mound leaching areas of the system. Anti-bacterial product should be avoided at all expense. Never use these products in a septic tank sand mound system. Over use of anti bacterial products can lead to a buildup of bio-mat in the drain filed causing a leaking sand mound system.

The second area that has a lot of issues associated with it is that of the packing the sand mound too tightly. This can happen if heavy equipment or cars are driven over the septic system. This is one of the biggest issues that need to be addressed and observed. The heavy weight of the vehicles can crush the drain field damaging the sand mound system causing the septic system mound system to leak.

There are really two points at which a compressed sand mound can become an issue, the first is when you first install the sand mound. This can be a problem when you pack the sand down. It will be tempting to pack this tight to prevent any problems that you might see in dealing with this issue. The truth is that in this case, loose is best as this allows for the processing of waste in a lot more effective manner.

Another time when this might happen is when a heavy vehicle is driven over the sand mound. When this occurs, then you will need to immediately inspect the system for damage. You may want to take the time to loosen the area up immediately and inspect the sand mound to make sure that the aspects and elements included with this are not damaged and still are functioning, as they should. If the damage is severe enough then a professional will need to be called. They will need to take the needed steps to repair or in the worst case a complete replacement of the sand mound. This can be a very costly endeavor for a person that has one of these installed.

The use of a sand mound is often considered to be one of the more important parts of a septic tank system that is important in the process of disposing of a household waste. This proper disposal is important in the process of making sure that this is done in an effective safe manner to maintain the proper flow of a system that will be needed to maintain a consistent flow of wastewater and waste through the entire system.

Now that a person has all of the information that they need to inspect and maintain a septic system and sand mound. There is a lot of information that can be used in helping a home owner maintain a septic system, the proper use of a sand mound to process the waste from a person’s home. Taking all of this into consideration, a person will be able to get the best out of their septic tank and sand mound system. Remember, when a leaking sand mound system is discovered, it is important to seek out help from a septic professional immediately.

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