Sand mound not taking or holding water

Image of sand mound not taking or holding water.

Why is your sand mound not taking or holding water? This may be one of the questions that bother many homeowners when they see that their yard is pooling with sewage, their toilets, drains, and sinks are backing up, and when they smell foul septic odors. It is considered a crisis when this happens because everything and everyone is affected. As you may already know, the sand mound is a … Read more

Leaking Sand Mound Help

The use of a sand mound with a septic tank system is often one of the more preferred methods when a conventional septic tank and drain field is not allowed. There are several things that can happen to one of these systems though that can cause serious issues with the processing of waste generated by a home. There are many things associated with a septic tank and sand mound that … Read more