Problems With A Septic Tank

Image of a septic tank with problems. Problems with a septic tank will usually result from lack of coli form bacteria in the septic system. The presents of coli form bacteria in a septic tank is essential in achieving the proper digestion process. The digestion process is the ability of a septic tank to digest and breakdown waste water and solids into water and carbon dioxide generated by our homes.

The lack of bacteria in a septic tank is usually the result of an over use of anti bacterial soaps, harsh chemicals and over use of water. Excessive amounts of water being used by the washing machine and long showers all play a part in destroying good bacteria by saturating the septic system with fresh water diluting the ability of the system to function properly. Anti bacterial hand soaps and chemicals all kill off good bacteria.

Prevent septic tank problems by using only true green septic safe products. Product lines such as “Seventh Generation” are a great way to start. Take care of your septic tank and drain field. Problems with a septic tank and drain field should be non existent and your system should out last your home.

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