Septic Tank Problems

Image of a septic tank woth problems. Septic tank problems are something that can be avoided with regular inspection and proper septic tank maintenance. Commercial grade bacterial additives used on a monthly basis can be a great way to reduce sludge and minimizing bio mat build up in the drain field.

Septic tank problems occur when NON septic safe products are introduced into the septic system. Anti bacterial hand soaps, cleaners and toxic household chemicals are all products that destroy beneficial bacteria “coli form” natural to the septic tank and drain field.

When good bacteria are depleted, the solids that are usually digested in the septic tank will make their way out to the drain field. They will convert into a bio mat clogging the drain field reducing the systems ability to leach. Without the ability to leach, septic systems become saturated with toxic septic waste and effluent.

Toxic septic waste water will be forced out of the drain field rising up to the surface saturating your yard or backing up into the house. Inspecting your septic system on a regular basis and treating with a commercial grade bacterial additive will ensure long lasting system that will function to its optimum capacity.

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