Can You Pump Out a Drain Field?

Image of a drainfield in need of pumping. Can you pump out a drain field? Typically not! drain fields are not usually designed to be pumped out. In some cases there may be an access point in the system close to the drain field or a distribution box. The cap or cover can sometimes be removed and a small 2 ½ inch suction hose may be used.

The fact that a septic drain field would require pumping would indicate that the system is having problems. Pumping with a 2 ½ inch suction line will most likely get plugged with solids.

Where there is a will there is a way. The septic tank drain field can be pumped out; it’s just not going to be an easy job. My best advice would be to leave any type of septic tank or drain field pumping to the professionals.

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