How to get rid of sand mound bio-mat buildup

Image of bio-mat formation. This article will cover many things, but the main focus is how to get rid of sand mound bio-mat buildup in a septic system. Teaching was your passion. For ten years, you have been helping young people realize their dreams. It was never a big deal for you to spend extra time in even repeating the lesson a few times just to make sure that your students understood it. Your patience was extraordinary. It was always echoed to you how patient you were with everyone and that every single student definitely learned so much from you. That year, you decided to conduct private tutorials in your home. Parents brought their children to your home and you made sure that they picked them up after the lessons as well. Not only did you look after the students’ grades but also their safety and well-being. You always baked cookies and served cold milk to them when they went to your home. It was a joy for you to bake and teach so it was like hitting two birds with one stone.

Like any other teacher, you had good students and naughty students. There were even cocky students who thought they knew everything until the exam day came. They were all part of your tutorial class as well. Among all your students there, one boy in his freshman year was always silent. He did his work in a corner and gave it to you when he was done. He ate his cookies and drank his milk as he waited for his older brother to come pick him up. One day, he asked permission to stay in your yard while he waited for his brother. You didn’t want him to go unsupervised so you decided to bring your small class outside. It was a beautiful day anyway so it would do everyone much good to have some sun. After his milk and cookies, the freshman walked on your yard. Something caught his eye that no kid his age would pay much attention to. After a few minutes, he came back and told you that your sand mound was in trouble.

Your eyes widened and went over to check it. You immediately called your septic expert and after just a few minutes, he came with his equipment. It was a good thing that you have already dismissed everyone. The freshman stayed because he knew the septic expert. The septic expert was his father that was why he readily knew what was going on. The sand mound and the surrounding soil were soggy and wet. It also smelled pretty bad. When the septic expert checked the drains, toilets, and sinks, there was a little backup of sewage. The septic expert found out that there was sand mound bio-mat buildup and the new question became how to get rid of sand mound bio-mat buildup in a septic system. It had to be eliminated or prevented through the following:

1. The sand mound must be treated by shocking it with non-pathogenic bacteria. The added bacteria would help the resident bacteria breakdown the solid wastes. This bacterial treatment would also repair any damage that the harsh detergents and cleaners that you have used in the past.
2. Lessening the water load in your sand mound would definitely help in preventing more solid wastes to enter the surrounding soil absorption system. This in turn would prevent the thickening of the bio-mat.
3. Clogging of the drains, sinks, and toilets should be prevented by not dumping non-biodegradable materials into them.
4. Always have your sand mound treated and maintained regularly so that you could prevent the bio-mat from building up in the future.
5. You should replace your sand mound if all has been done but restoration was unsuccessful. This is the most expensive way to eliminate the bio-mat accumulation in your sand mound.

After the treatment of your sand mound was done, the septic expert returned his equipment back into his truck. His son helped him. As a gesture of gratitude, you packed a box of cookies for the freshman student. He smiled and thanked you as well. He knew exactly how to get rid of sand mound bio-mat buildup in a septic system. As father and son drove away, you knew that things would be better for that boy. He was smart on the practical side of learning. And that was a great quality to have in the real world.

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