How to get rid of cesspool bio-mat buildup

Image of bio-mat removed from a cesspool.The other day the septic people came out to pump out our cesspool. My guardian asked the cesspool professional how to get rid of cesspool bio-mat buildup. Maybe it was just you but who could blame you? You were an orphan yourself and there was no better place to go home to than a huge house filled with children like you. After years of hard work, you finally had everything you needed to build an orphanage. It was your dream to do this since you were a fifteen-year-old. You witnessed how orphans were discriminated during their younger years. You saw how the outside world could just easily get them with drugs, alcohol, and crimes that took away their innocence and dreams. You told yourself that someday, you would be able to help orphans like yourself. When a single old woman adopted you, you became the son that she never had and with her giving heart, you were able to finish your studies and find a job that led you to meet people who helped you build your lifelong dream.

Your adoptive mother never stopped helping you. She saw to it that you had the perfect location for your dream and after a few years, you finally started construction. It was a place that you wanted for orphans to go home to and feel safe in. It would be a place of growth and learning. If no one adopted them, they would stay there and be trained in whatever field they would want to work in. This was to make sure that even if they stayed orphans, they still had a future. Inside your orphanage would be a learning center and a vocational school that will even place the graduates in workplaces that they would choose and be comfortable in. It was the greatest thing that you could give these children. It was indeed rare for orphans to really find people to adopt them and genuinely love them. Why not be that person in the form of a specialized orphanage?

As the construction progressed, you wanted to make sure that everything would be in proper place and would be functioning optimally. The building was already erected and the facilities were already complete. The cesspool and the huge yard were yet to be finished. It was a land that was originally meant for a condominium but you bought it and turned it into something much more useful. The septic expert designed the cesspool as a series of cesspools to really accommodate the number of people that would inhabit the building. After the installation, the septic expert advised you on what to do in case there was a cesspool bio-mat build up and how to get rid of cesspool bio-mat buildup:

1. Shock the system with helpful, non-pathogenic bacteria. This would be dispersed throughout the entire cesspool system and decrease the bio-mat population. It will also repair the damage that the antibacterial detergents and soaps have made.

2. Building a dry well beside the cesspool system would help in decreasing the water load in the cesspool. This would prevent the solid wastes from getting all stirred up and pouring into the soil absorption system, which will cause the buildup of bio-mat.

3. The drains, toilets, and sinks should also be used properly by not treating them as trash bins of non-biodegradable materials.

4. You should also keep the treatment and maintenance schedules that your septic expert recommended to prevent the over accumulation and severe thickening of the bio-mat.

5. As a last resort, replacing the cesspool would totally rid it of the bio-mat. This would be the most expensive means to get rid of the tar-like substance and would definitely set you back thousands of dollars.

Finally, after years of waiting, planning, and looking, your orphanage was finally finished. The yard was very spacious and still had some more space left for future expansion. It has a gym, a library, an audio-visual room, a mess hall, spacious living quarters, classrooms, training rooms, TV and recreational rooms, clean bathrooms and even modified rooms for the disabled. It even had another section for the administrative offices. It was definitely your dream come true and also a haven to the orphans who were going to enter its doors. At the end of the day you knew how to get rid of cesspool bio-mat buildup.

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