How to get rid of Solids in a Septic Tank?

Getting rid of solids in a septic tank can be as easy as using a beneficial bacteria as a monthly maintenance treatment.

With the introduction of anti bacteria hand soaps and other household bacterial killing chemicals, the Coli form of bacterial that is natural to the septic environment is killed off. The result is a lack of digestion and a buildup of solid material in the septic tank.

If the condition of the septic tank is not addressed in a timely manner, the solids will eventually flow out into the drain field. This will cause the buildup of organic waste in the drain field. This organic waste build up will coagulate causing a bio mat buildup to form. Eventually the bio mat will clog the drain field causing contaminated septic waste to push to the surface of the drain field. Exposed contaminated septic effluent or waste water can cause diseases and even death in service cases.

Signs of effluent or septic system waste water can be identified as black water pudding over your drain field. Strong septic odors or septic smells can also be a sigh of a failing system. Spongy, soft grass areas over the drain field are usually a good indication your system may be failing. Lush dark green grass over the drain field is another sign that you septic system may be failing.

Inspect your drain field on a regular basis and treat the system with beneficial bacteria on a monthly basis will help to dissolve and digest solid waste in your septic system.

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