Septic Tank Problems and Septic Odors

Septic tank problems and odors can arise when you least expect it. Special events and get together are prime time for septic tank backups and gurgling toilets that produce toxic odors.

Septic systems that are on the verge of failing can do so with the over use of the system. By inspecting and treating you system on a regular basis you may be able to avoid embarrassing septic tank backups. Septic systems usually show signs of trouble long before backups occur.

Treating your septic tank and drain field with a highly concentrated beneficial bacterial maintenance product on a monthly basis can save you time and costly system repairs. Septic tank maintenance treatments will reduce sludge buildup and control odors while reducing pump outs.

The typical cost of a septic tank treatment product containing 5 Billion bacteria per gram should cost on the average of $4.00 per month. That’s not a bad deal considering the average cost of replacing a septic system in some states is over $10,000.

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