Septic Cleaner Top 10 tips

Image of homeowners cleaning their septic with a septic cleaner. Septic Cleaner Top 10 Tips is written in an effort to help the average home owner deal with the maintenance and the cleaning of a septic tanks and drain fields. Approximately 25% of all homes in America utilize onsite septic systems or waste water treatment plants for disposal of household waste.
Periodic septic maintenance using a septic tank cleaner is required for maintaining your system. By using a septic cleaner, you can reduce the amount of solid buildup and bio mat accumulation thus improving the efficiency of your septic system and reducing the overall cost to operate. Administering a capable septic cleaner along with some routine maintenance can make all the difference in the world when it comes to increasing the life span of your septic system. Septic systems are designed to last at least 30 years with regularly cleaned systems lasting 60 years or more.
Below are some septic cleaning techniques and tips.

1 ) Never dump grease, oils and fats into your sinks or drains.
2 ) Pump out and power clean your septic tank every 3 to 4 years.
3 ) Repair all leaking toilets drains and conserve water.
4 ) Avoid dumping toxic household chemicals down your sinks and drains.
5 ) Use water savers on all shower heads.
6 ) Never install a garbage disposal. This will only add to the accumulation of sludge in your system requiring more frequent septic cleaning.
7 ) Avoid anti bacterial hand soaps and anti bacteria cleaner products.
8 ) Avoid planting vegetation over the septic tank and drain field.
9 ) Never dump paints, thinners, acids or alkaline in the system.
10 ) Redirect water from runoff and downspouts away from the septic system.

A good septic cleaner combined with a well thought out maintenance program can make all the difference. Remember, new septic systems can run into the thousands of dollars just in repair alone not to mention the cost of a septic system total replacement. Clean your septic system on a regular basis and you will reap the rewards of a well functioning septic system.

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