Septic Cleaner

Image of a septic that needs  a septic cleaner. A septic cleaner should be a part of any homeowner’s maintenance program, provided you have a septic tank and drain field that require cleaning. If you have a septic tank, drain field or a cesspit, the system will require regular cleaning to keep things functioning in an optimal state. A thorough septic cleaning should be used as part of any ongoing monthly maintenance schedule.

A septic cleaner that is septic safe will consist of beneficial bacteria that create enzymes to digest solid waste into water. This conversion process allows the fluid to leach out through the system and into the drainage areas surrounding perforated piping of the tank itself. The filtered water then travels deep into the earth and back into the water table. To keep your system clean, remember to never dispose of harsh chemicals or raw food through your sinks and drains. Eliminate the use of all anti bacterial products unless a doctor tells you that you require them. These products can have a devastating effect on your septic tank and drain field, destroying beneficial bacteria and reducing the ability of the septic system to function properly.

Septic systems are essentially an onsite waste water treatment plant and like any other system, they require routine cleaning on a regular basis to ensure that the septic system is thoroughly clean and operational. Consider using a natural beneficial bacterial septic cleaner or septic system cleaner to ensure your system functions properly. Regular use of a septic cleaner will reward you with years of trouble free service.

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