Septic Tank Enzymes

Image of a septic tank that needs enzymes. Septic tank enzymes, bacteria, organic and inorganic chemicals have all been used as septic tank additives. The purpose of septic tank enzymes and the other chemicals mentioned is to stimulate and enhance digestion process of organic solid waste accumulated in the septic tank.

There are several hundred septic tank enzyme additives in today’s market. They can be purchased in most building supply stores or through your local pumping company. The key is to purchase a septic tank enzyme treatment that is effective with a high bacteria count.

Septic tank enzymes have been the center of extensive studies as to the effectiveness on waste digestion in the septic tank. Currently there is little in the way of a standardize method of testing septic tank enzyme treatments.

Available literature suggests that septic tank enzymes have the ability to reduce solid waste build up in septic tanks and drain fields. Available literature on studies conducted suggests enzymes have the ability to digest odors, fats and greases reducing excessive pump outs in septic tanks and commercial grease traps.

Corrosive products such as caustic soda, chemicals and acids should never be added to a septic system. These products will destroy healthy enzyme naturally found in the septic tank and grease traps.

Taking a few extra steps to preserve the integrity of your septic system can go a long way.

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