Sand mound enzymes

When the property owner is advised to have sand mound installed instead of a conventional, underground septic system, things get a little more complicated. The regular septic tank had always been victim of neglect. What more would an extra sensitive sand mound experience? Sand mound enzyme additives are something every homeowner should recognize as a curtail part of owning a home. The sand mound is installed because of the high … Read more

Septic Tank Enzymes

Image of a septic tank that needs enzymes.

Septic tank enzymes, bacteria, organic and inorganic chemicals have all been used as septic tank additives. The purpose of septic tank enzymes and the other chemicals mentioned is to stimulate and enhance digestion process of organic solid waste accumulated in the septic tank. There are several hundred septic tank enzyme additives in today‚Äôs market. They can be purchased in most building supply stores or through your local pumping company. The … Read more

Septic tank enzymes

An enzyme is a chemical that is produced by bacteria that breaks down organic matter within your septic system. Enzymes break waste down into smaller particles and liquid, making it easier for bacteria to digest them. Enzymes are simply chemicals – they are not living things, and they cannot grow or reproduce themselves. Enzymes are manufactured by bacteria, and used by the bacteria in order to digest waste inside the … Read more