Septic Tank Problems

Image of a septic tank with problems. Septic tank problems have been plaguing man for some 3000 years. This post will attempt to clarify some of the misconceptions of surrounding septic tanks, drain fields and the septic tank problems that so often accompany a septic system.

Septic tank problems can range from the simplest of procedures consisting of a septic tank pump out to a replacement of the entire septic tank and drain field system at a huge expense to the home owner. If the system isn’t in operating order, the cost can run from $2,000 to $60,000 reducing the property value and the equity in a home.

Septic tank problems are usually the result of a buildup of bio-mat in the drain field. This is caused by the lack of digestion in the septic system. This lack of digestion is due to the Anti bacterial additives, excessive water usage and buildup of heavy toxic cleaning chemicals all will kill off beneficial bacteria essential to the digestion process.

Septic tanks and the drain field require a certain amount of maintenance in an attempt to reduce septic tank problems. The minimum a homeowner can get away with is a pump out every 3 years or so preventing the system from building up solid waste preventing drain field clogs. Inspect the inside of the septic tank for roots, loose baffle or the septic drain field leaking back into the septic tank would indicate a failing system.

There are several steps homeowners can tank to ensure against septic tank problems and maintain the stability of a septic tank reducing septic problems:

1) Fix leaking faucets.

2) Fix leaking toilets.

3) Never use the garbage disposal. It clogs up the drain field.

4) Never overload the system.

5) Make sure the soil over the septic tank and drain field is sloped away from the house.

6) Limit the amount of water being used. Water conservation is key to the health of a new system.

Additional points of interest a homeowner should be aware of:

• What is the design of your septic tank?

• When the septic tank was last pumped out?

• What can we do to maintain the septic system and prevent septic tank problems?

• When to wash down the system regularly removing debris from the system?

• Has the septic system been treated and pumped out on a regularly basic reducing the chance of septic tank problems?

• Never dump fats, oils and greases down sinks and drains; they will clog causing septic tank problems?

• Has the overall sq ft. of the home increased, extra bedroom, bathroom etc?

• Limit the amount of water and where we live?

Septic tank problems can be avoided with regular septic tank problem monthly maintenance treatment. Maintaining a septic system can be achieved with regular pumping and inspection. Repairing any leaking or broken part of the septic system is crucial in maintaining septic system integrity and preventing septic tank problems.

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