Septic Tank Problems

Image of a septic tank with problems.

Septic tank problems have been plaguing man for some 3000 years. This post will attempt to clarify some of the misconceptions of surrounding septic tanks, drain fields and the septic tank problems that so often accompany a septic system. Septic tank problems can range from the simplest of procedures consisting of a septic tank pump out to a replacement of the entire septic tank and drain field system at a … Read more

Septic Tank Problems

Image of a clogged septic tank

Septic tank problems are an issue that no homeowner wants to deal with. Over 5% of all septic systems Nationwide failing each year so, it is a good idea to take care of your septic tank and drain field. Septic tank problems, repairs or even a worst case scenario, replacement of a septic system can cost the homeowner between a few hundred dollars to $40,000.00 plus. Septic systems are designed … Read more

Septic Tank Problems

Image of a septic tank woth problems.

Septic tank problems are something that can be avoided with regular inspection and proper septic tank maintenance. Commercial grade bacterial additives used on a monthly basis can be a great way to reduce sludge and minimizing bio mat build up in the drain field. Septic tank problems occur when NON septic safe products are introduced into the septic system. Anti bacterial hand soaps, cleaners and toxic household chemicals are all … Read more

New Home Buyers Beware of Septic Tank Problems

Buying a new home is always a great time everyone involved. Regardless, if you are in the market for a fairly new built home or an older existing home; the home inspection phase is the most important aspects of the entire transaction. Take the realtors word that everything is well built and up to code can be the worst mistake of your life. Chose your home inspector wisely, do a … Read more

Septic System Maintenance

This article will help the reader with some general information regarding living with and maintaining a septic tank system and drain field. We will offer some general information estimating the cost of pumping out a septic tank system and the frequency explaining how often should a septic tank be pumped out? This article will also advise the reader as to simple “Do’s and Do Not” addressing house hold products and … Read more