Septic Tank Tips:

Within the U.S., it is estimated that 25 percent of the population use on-site septic tank waste water treatment systems. It is also estimated that 5% of these systems fail each year due to poor maintenance.
Tips for a healthy septic system:
1) Biodegradable waste water only should be discharged in a septic system.
2) Never use a garbage disposal with a septic system. The undigested raw food will inter the system and convert to a bio mat clogging the drain field.
3) Never use anti-bacteria products with a septic system.
4) Never flush sanitary napkins or any other non biodegradable product down a septic tank system.
5) Never dump oil, paints or solvents down a septic system. Not only they damage your septic system, they will also contaminate groundwater lakes and springs.
6) Treat your septic tank with a bacterial septic tank treatment monthly. This will help to digest solids prolonging the life of your septic system.
7) Pump the system every three years.
8) Never plant trees or shrubs over a drain field.
9) Never pave or lay concrete over a septic tank.
10) Never drive over your drain field.
Inspect your system on a monthly basis. Contact your local plumber at the first sign of a wet drain field, septic odors or any sign of blockage. Maintaining your septic tank and drain field will ensure many years of trouble free service.

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