Home Tips for a Septic Tank

Toilet paper and anti-bacteria soaps and chemicals are probably one of the most common problems facing septic tank owners. Good septic tank friendly toilet paper is important to maintaining a healthy septic tank and drain field. Don’t take the (septic safe) wording on the package for face value, do the research. Scott brand of toilet paper is probably the safest choice on the market and one that I have been using for many years.

Anti-bacterial hand soaps are more damaging to a septic system than anything one item. Anti-bacterial hand soaps and cleaners kill off bacterial long after they have been introduced into the system. Without the presence of bacteria, solids are unable to breakdown sludge and solids digesting the solid material into effluent. Solids will flow out to the drain field clogging the crushed stone that makes up the drain field.

Do the research; the information is out there for the reader that wants to spend the time looking for it. Get informed on the pros and cons of maintaining a septic tank and you will enjoy years of problem free septic tank and drain field service.

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