Septic Tank Treatment, Odor and Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Treatment, Odor and Septic Tank Maintenance.

This article was written to help the reader identify septic system odors and perform septic tank maintenance, whether the odors are originating from a septic tank and drain field or from a vent stack. We will discuss and focus on just a few of the types of septic tank systems and drain fields available. Toxic methane gas and odors originating from a septic tanks and drain fields can be harm to humans and pets, it is imperative to focus in on the source of the problem as soon as possible.  Septic tank beneficial bacterial enzyme treatments are beneficial to the digestion process and can eliminate heavy smells and odors. Beneficial bacterial enzyme additives can also reduce the amount of solids that migrate out into the drain field thus reducing the amount of bio-mat accumulation in the drain field increasing the life span of a septic tank system and drain field.

Rural areas are typically limited to the type of septic system allowed by local building enforcement codes. Homes located in remote rural areas are not able to connect to septic waste water treatment plants due to the distance from the treatment plant and are often forced to use onsite septic tanks with drain fields increasing the cost to build but eliminating the monthly sewer and water bill. The trade off is that an onsite water well and septic tank with a drain field will require water well and septic tank maintenance every 2 to 5 years based on the amount of usage.

Odors from septic tanks are usually a sign that the system is in need of septic tank maintenance. The system may be failing and requires a treatment of septic tank beneficial bacterial enzyme. The septic systems and their maintenance programs are engineered based on the number of bed rooms and the square feet of the home. So, take into consideration a three bedroom home with 14 people living in the home. Most likely the septic tank and the drain field will begin to fail at some point due to an over use of the system.

Remember to consider a bacterial enzyme additive as part of you maintenance program. The bacteria enzyme will extend the life of your drain field helping to reduce your odors and sludge migrating out to the drain field.

“P traps” located under the sinks and drains throughout the house can cause strong odors when they become dry from lack of use. The purpose of the ”P trap” is to fill with water from normal house hold use creating a water seal and block toxic septic gas that originate in the septic tank and would normally enter your home with our the “P trap”.

Septic tank odors coming from a septic system should be addressed immediately. Septic tank gases are serious and can be toxic to family and pets. Perform septic tank maintenance on a regular basis and get years of problem free service from your septic system.

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